Jiu Jitsu

The samurai class of feudal Japan practiced many regional styles of swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat.

One of the most prevalent systems was known as Daito Ryu Aiki JiuJitsu. One of the most notorious masters of that style was a samurai by the name of Sokaku Takeda.

Takeda Sensei had many disciples, but his most famous students were Morihei Ueshiba, who became the founder of Aikido and Jigoro Kano, who went on to create modern Judo.

Kano Sensei in turn taught Mitsuyo Maeda who then emigrated to Brazil and passed his art on to the Gracie family.

By developing and spreading JiuJitsu to unprecedented levels of efficiency and popularity, the Gracie Clan has become perhaps the single most influential dynasty in all of martial arts.

Grandmaster Helío Gracie’s adaptation of the Judo he had learned from Maeda, particularly his focus on Newaza (ground-fighting) and the use of leverage and timing to overcome brute force gave birth to what’s commonly known around the world as Brazilian JiuJitsu in its ubiquitous sporting form.

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The curriculum we follow is one of the richest and most comprehensive in all of martial arts. Our Brazilian JiuJitsu syllabus is based on the Gracie JiuJitsu curriculum and expands on it further to maintain an emphasis on self-defense and include techniques from other martial arts as well to offer our students a complete education in JiuJitsu and the understanding of how to apply it not only in a sporting setting but also to a combat situation.

You will start off learning fundamental techniques that not only lay the foundation for your future JiuJitsu journey but also enable you to effectively defend yourself against the most commonly encountered street attacks even against a larger, stronger opponent.

Our fundamentals classes start of with some movement exercises and then focuses on mastering the basic techniques of Brazilian JiuJitsu while learning about the principles of leverage, body mechanics and timing as they relate to grappling. We also introduce some essential strategies and tactics that we explore further in our advanced classes where students then learn to chain together sophisticated attack sequences as well as how to successfully escape from bad positions and execute and evade a multitude of take-downs.

Students in the advanced classes will also have the opportunity to test out their skills and explore the live application of the techniques they’ve learned in sparring.

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Because only knowledge that resides within the body is true knowledge of self.


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