Prem1er Combat Academy offers adult and children’s classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, all at our gym in Arbutus, MD.


Also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, Muay Thai is regarded by many as the most devastating form of striking based martial arts practiced by mankind. In our training, we aim to develop a diverse repertoire of striking tools and increase our understanding of distance, timing, angles and rhythm, which are the most essential, yet tend to also be the most overlooked elements in a fighters’ training regimen.


A martial art, combat sport system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. Students learn a set of fundamental techniques that not only lay the foundation for their future JiuJitsu journey, but also enable them to effectively defend themselves against the most commonly encountered street attacks even against a larger, stronger opponent.


Premier MMA has what I’m looking for: Kru Jerome is an experienced fighter with many competitions under his belt, so the combinations he teaches are combinations that work. He provides individual attention, allowing me to perfect a technique when it’s not 100%, and also showing me variations of moves when they are more suited to my size. Premier Combat Academy has a convenient location, which means I can train several times a week.

Dr. Veronica DezaStudent

I am incredibly grateful to be studying Jiu Jitsu. The time I spend at classes are some of my favorite times of the week, and Pete is a huge part of that. In fact, I enjoyed studying Jiu Jitsu so much that I began studying Muay Thai with Pete as well. It wasn't long before Pete began to introduce some techniques from Akido and Silat into those classes.

Dr. Jeff ReaStudent

If you are beginner to jiu-jitsu, like me, Pete is the perfect teacher to make learning jiu-jitsu fun. He is knowledgeable, patient, cerebral, skillful and professional. But the best thing about Pete is he is a genuinely good guy that's fun and talented teacher that's into his students' growth.

John WhiteStudent

The classroom environment is really great. Everyone is willing to push you, but they are easy to get along with. Whether you are looking to fight in the ring or looking to train martial arts for fitness, self-defense, or to become an instructor, Jerome’s school has the style of classes that suit your needs.

Kasey WhiteStudent

I am a busy Family Physician, so staying healthy is fundamentally important. I make time to train at Premier MMA because it’s fun, it’s a great way to stay in shape, and I feel ready for anything.

Dr. Veronica DezaStudent

I cannot recommend Pete highly enough. I really appreciate his friendly, relaxed, and patient teaching style. He has an impressive knowledge of multiple martial arts, but even more impressive is his ability to translate that knowledge into a form that even a beginning student can understand, and to show how the different styles that he teaches relate to each other and can be integrated together. Most importantly, Pete is one of those enthusiastic teachers whose great attitude toward his sport makes him a pleasure to learn from.

Dr. Jeff ReaStudent

As an avid practitioner, Pete has the knowledge to answer your questions. His belief in cross training gives him a better understanding of each specific art. He has helped me improve my physical fitness, self defense, and philosophical understanding of the arts while making sure that I feel safe and respected at the club. You will not only get a great workout but learn how to handle yourself on the mat and on the real world.

Tim SparklinStudent


We offer new students a 6-day risk-free trial that includes unlimited access to all of our classes.

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